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History and Philosophy

ulivoIn the beautiful countryside that stretches around the historical town of Itri, a view that stretches through the olive groves whit their silvery lunar cast at night, and the day warmed by the excellent sunlight.

Always the men who inhabited these lands were taken from the olive juice from the magnificent to be served to enrich the food, health and taste.

And it is this millennial experience that Genesio Mancini has been consistently inspired. His main purpose was the creation of process healthy and genuine able to tell with its unique flavor all the passion that he and his land are capable of expressing.

With this firm conviction that in 1950 Genesio Mancini proceeded, practically alone, and with few resources to start this new adventure.

Although the activity was little more than artisan, Genesio Mancini realized that it was possible to produce a high quality product able to meet the needs of a large audience.

All this, during the years has been reflected in the continuous process of investment and innovation.

The new techniques of storage, preservation and bottling of the product allow to bring on all the tables an oil with the rich taste of freshly olives just mill.


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