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Started as a little more than craft enterprise with the continuing commitment the 2G OLEARIA SRL has become one of the most modern and efficient industries in the market.

The company is specialized in the production and bottling of extra virgin olive oil and seeds.

The heart of the company is the industrial plants technologically advanced, stretches over an area of 17,000 square meters, of which 7,000 are covered.

The entire complex is nestled within a beautiful valley and is equipped with modern facilities for the pressing of the olives, storage, refining and packing oil.

The modern and flexible equipment ensure the achievement of a high production capacity in bottling in a wide range of packaging.

The continuous efforts on the quality of the product over the last 60 years has borne fruit.

Despite all the difficulties inside a sector mature and highly competitive as the oil sector, 2G OLEARIA enjoys a loyal customer base, able to associate with the brand Genesio Mancini a high quality product with a unique taste.

The company has always been receptive to the needs of the local and national market but also international market.

With the brand Genesio Mancini  is present since 1970 in the U.S. and in Germany.

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Over the years he never stops to introduce his products in the new countries that discovering the Italian flavors, coming up in the Far East.Aware of the challenges that internationalization entails, is never sacrificed the quality of the product and has never failed in getting the tradition.



Produce and trade an hight quality oil, ensuring to the resellers the best service and at the consumers the goodness of the products.




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