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The Mill

mancini dia 032Great care has been taken in designing of the mill, seen as a central element for obtain a product that fully reflects the tradition of the milling process.

The mill is in granite stone with a mill capacity of 25q. of olives per hour.

The process through the oil has obtained is the most traditional that you can have. To produce the oil is used just a granite stone. The stone press the oil and as a result of this mechanic pressure is an olive paste.

The milling is carried out in the cold, to avoid heating of olive paste and keep all the flavors, vitamins and elements typical of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Thanks to the attention dedicated to the production process and the continuous analysis carried out in the laboratory, the 2G OLEARIA Srl guarantees the genuineness of the packaged product.

The process is as simple as old, only that the grinding wheel with its pressure crushing the olives.

That wheel, thanks to honest and capable craftsmen, creates a product appreciated around the world.



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