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The Packaging Area

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The based principles of the storage and packaging are simple: to guarantee the perfect keeping of oil and preserve both the organoleptic and taste.

The whole process is carried out following the logic of the just in time, that is to minimize the time from the production of extra virgin olive oil to its exposure on the shelf of small shops up to large retail chains.

After the oil is stored in controlled temperature tanks, the oil is bottled with special machinery. All this happens in a completely aseptic and controlled area.

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The packaging areas is developed on four production lines of Extra Virgin and three production lines of Seed Oils with a bottling capacity of 20,000 pieces per hour in various formats.


The packaging size are from the bottle of 0.250 ml to 25 liter in tin.

The materials used are glass, plastic and tin.

The company use a special care in choosing the best packaging not only able to ensure the preservation of the product but also to be compliant with the regulation of different nations.

Once packaged, the oil Genesio Mancini is sold all over Italy and exported from North America to the Far East.

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